Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I slapt a bunch of posts up - bits of writings

would go and speed-read them what

what if you're like at a desk and like

have time

like, have freedom to read at the desk

if so

what are you gonna read -

some writing in a can on some site some dude stresst to write to

get a paycheck? perhaps? c'mon - let's lighten up

yyees paid writing can be great

'even still' let's branch

Mind expansion

Imagination quest



Who is alive

Would they write

It is the most profound art in my book

the world

long line of Black Friday shoppers near midnight
part-time Wal-Mart employee unlocks
door smasht forward
lands on man
people trample over him
ending his earthly life
surveillance cameras pick up EMT performing CPR - goes on 11 O'clock news

'terrorists' held hostages in fancy hotels in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay)

they all got offed save one or

USA president is gonna have hands full
there's healthcare where, say you have $1000 in your bank account -
some freak who drank a 6 pack of Coors runs you and moped over with his van
%100 his fault
suddenly you owe $60,000
hospitals charging thousands to fix humans - are hospitals there to help you or - by looks of it - 'help themselves to you'
then lawyers - say you're looking to gain justice by van guy paying your hospital bill and $ missed by not being at work - good luck as lawyers - what do they charge - thousands right off bat or

hospitals and lawyers be that as it may (don't get injured or sick)
how about credit cards and banks - say you have $112 in bank -
your credit card bill is $120 - suddenly 8 bucks in debt - check bounces - they send a $30 fine in addition to demands to pay them money you don't have - where that $30 gonna come from - find a gerbil wheel to run on or
and 'interest' heh - on a loan - something like %29 - it's like asking a friend for 20 bucks (b/c broke) - they reply 'yeah, just, gotta pay me back 40 next week'

what about politicians - dress important - distribute taxes to this and that

taxes going towards building tanks and bombs
don't get me started on the military - trying to wrangle a middle eastern country into shape - how about fix problems in North Philly and the Bronx first!

or religions - forcing women to wear vails or
or bow down in front of statues or

or education system - $80,000 for a person to finish college - What!?!?!?!?!?!?!

or casinos with their mesmerized masses - all that money

what is money it's it's
it's such a part of why the above is at present as it is eh eeeeem

Daily Life

been reading Gertrude Stein of late and she's hit on point that writers through history have written of their daily lives

a Russian friend of mine recently got into an altercation with his roommate - the guy started shoving him so he punched him in the face - the guy cried and, bloodied, called cops - who took my friend to jail. he told me it was so cold and no blanket and he declared to them it was torture but they weren't sympathizing. he got bailed out - sleeping elsewhere other than apt while awaiting court time. I found the story fascinating and asked him to type it for me - whereupon I could type it - a 'writing project'. he bought a voice recorder and said he was going to tape the story as he told it to friends - then send me an mp3 of it. but then for whatever reason he got fired from his job - we worked at the same place - and I haven't seen him since, hope he's OK.

Other night was at a homeless shelter helping my buddy serve food. A Christian group - all wearing blue t-shirts - from Indiana were there. They sang a song to the group of homeless people who were real appreciative. My buddy who heads it up delivers a message based on the Bible and then everyone digs into the food - cooked by a top chef in City (who volunteers his time to cook - on this occasion Steak and potatoes). A lady locked her keys in a room - the door in plain view in the dining area. My buddy announces for no one to be alarmed - 'she locked her keys in this room - I have to kick the door in!', with that a good walking start and BAM!!! door flew open - to the glee of clapping, cheering guests.

I heard a Marine is facing possible legal action because he dropped a puppy off a cliff in a youtube clip. Interesting how people are flipping lids over a puppy while USA troops are blasting this and that and people over in Iraq. I like puppies, don't get me wrong - kittens too

Speaking of military my younger bro who's in the army - also at Parsons - has been trying his hand at fashion photography - doing quite well actually - a recent shoot was for S.I. - swimsuit edition - the photo shoot was down by Wall Street - in front of that big bull sculpture - a Slovanian model - all those suits down there - he said there was almost a riot

this same bro I went and saw the HULK with yest night
his girlfriend was there and he had in his carry bag his little flighty lapdog, Birdie, who was looking and acting very puzzled, sitting in theater as the previews played. his girlfriend had to take the dog away - to walk it to their W. Village apt - she returned after only about 15 minutes and we all enjoyed the movie - afterwards she said the dog was going crazy because of all the food around - all the people grabbing at popcorn and crunching it in their mouths - food all around 'drives him bonkers'

go buy a book in Brooklyn
I'm at work on a new book
do you know people who write - do you think it is a stronger artform than, say, painting

but how much time do Americans have to really read - what with 9 - 5s and running hither dither on this or that errand - clubs and going to movies and filling nights with activity before they wax frail and that's that in the way of participation with people on the earth - it's pretty much curtains after you pass a point right - and then what - it's like, going through motions day after day - then, after passing more points on down the line I guess life morphs into readying for death what

but that's that for another time young reader - go and enjoy life - tho know it is - as the Bible says - like a vapor - think of that steam shooting from a tea kettle - there it is for a bit - then it's gone - - - - anyhow think of one of your best looking friends - do doors seem to open easier for them - we really value the sense of SIGHT right


"No nineteenth-century inventor was more prolific than Thomas Edison, no career more epic... Edison filed his first patent, for an automatic vote-recording machine, in 1868. When he set up his laboratory at Melno Park, in 1876, he promised "a minor invention every ten days and a big thing every six months or so." He kept that promise, averaging an almost inconceivable forty patents a year - one every nine days - for a lifetime total of more than a thousand. He filed his patent for the incandescent light bulb in 1879, but 1882, the year he lit up New York, marked his personal best of a hundred and seven. Given the pace and scale of technological change, and the enthusiasm for it, it's no wonder that, in Edison's age, the past, the present, and the future seemed to be linked together by an unending chain of machines."

article by Jill Lepore in New Yorker Magazine May 12 '08 edition

think of your reliance in cellphone and computer, tv, ipod, movies, light bulbs, on an on - compare that to caveman days - watching fires for entertainment.. hunting.. gathering nuts, berries..

the move to the Heights

As many of you know I moved seven days ago from here

to here

Thankfully : )

Here I’ll give a quick account of a last leg of the move.

It was to collect an art-deco-style wooden chair from my 117th St apt
and transport it to my new big apartment in the Heights.

now, there were other items I had to transport as well, including the Whole Food bag in my hand, which contained 2 packages of ground beef (I was to attend a dinner in the Heights that night - just a few blocks away from new apt).

Consolidation was the name of the game. Utilising some clear packing tape, I secured to the chair (as you can see in the photo) - we’ll start from bottom up - a big New Yorker Cartoon book, a Strong’s concordance, a Bible, an Art Theory book, in the plastic bag are toiletries (including my former aptmate’s bottle of shampoo - lookt just like mine - which, incidentally, I had to reimburse) and yes, there’s the Whole Foods bag - the cashier gave me this neat hot/cold package - worked great; retaining freshness.

I lugged chair thru Harlem to 3 train (entrance seen in photo), zoomed to the 1 at 96 - uptown to 168, walked to apt - stuck chair in room, cut free the bag of beef, and made for friend’s apt up by 181. I greeted the group of friends, handed over the beef, which got formed into patties, sizzled on a grill.. We sat eating burgers happily watching March Madness.



speed metal and the future

a coworker yest gave me a cd of heavy metal music

when I listened to it later - the lead singer of the band sounded to me
a bit too much like Cookie Monster - could picture him at the mic and cookie crumbs flying all over

today I was batting around ideas of making a lunar buggy to put in the front window for display - we could make it of pipes and tin foil

before work was breakfast in Tribeca where discussed the function of art -
take for example a mask made in BALI - the person carved and painted it there w/ his/her reason in mind - next thing it’s hanging in the Met lol

how about two days suddenly in past eh - and throw your mind (enter scene of quarterback launching a spiral - long bomb - there it goes - up - up - the arch..) waay into the future - like the year 2345 - will people read in a book about my coworker giving me a speed metal cd - it won’t be in a book (will it?) - will it be in cyberspace somewheres - who will know what - and what do we know now - and are we all like brothers and sisters


Readying to get a new Macbook Pro soon..

I’ve found a good fast computer to be one of the best tools to take in the most information and images per minute.. - compare it to a library ha ha ha - running around like a headless chicken - fumbling books - lit, history, thick photo books - scowling librarian - - - compared to snapping a button and surfing cyperspace..

via a couple clicks of keys you can send that email which changes the course of history eh

now, books can still influence.. my neighbor across the hall for example.. recently he lent a book to my roommate "The Master Cleanser" it’s called - have you heard of this - calls for you to drink just lemon water with maple syrup in it - and crushed peper bits(?) for 7-10 days - that’s it - no solid food and supposedly it cleans your insides out..

so he didn’t buy into it - the thin book sat on the kitchen table - - - - my other roommate however - - - - - biiiiig guy (picture a DEFENSIVE END for the JETS) saw it. and it changed the course of his life. Suddenly a whole bunch of lemons appeared in the apartment, and a jug of Maple Syrup. Pitcher of tinted water. A somber big roommate, watching dvds.

he won’t be roommie long as I’m readying to move North to THE HEIGHTS.
Now, I used to live in the Heights. It has its charms, just, my goal has been for a while now to be where I feel I belong VIZ. THE VILLAGE OR L.E.S.

thing is rent’s RATHER HIGH in both these nabe’s

at this point I’ll throw a slider into the kitten kaboodle:


whilst walking in LES other day I had to whip out phone and snap a pic of these horrid atrocities of arcitechture

perhaps when they were built they were in a sketch area

but now that nabe is HOT

please don’t tell me that people are staying in the projects paying peanuts because they are on welfare while people like me are working 9-5s and have to eek by in Harlem or the Heights - or like many of my friends - over in Brklyn or Queens - - - - WHAT GIVES!

What say TAKE A BULLDOZER to these awful eyesores
and build in place of them sharp apts for young artists who are diligent about beautifying the City!

no flippage of lid: not saying boot poor people out on street -
build these project buildings if we must (must we?) up in the Heights or, better, THE BRONX

not in the BEST neighborhoods in the City (Alphabet City too - Ave C and D yyyyipes - the noxious vibes those dreadful buildings spew into the air! - - - who’s idea was it to build them in the first place!!!!!!!!!)

Let’s better the City!

FreedomLovers UNITE!





think of the cliche aspect of art these days
that is to say what it's grown into over years -
like 'in box' factor
look, for instance, on the the menu bar on your computer -
note the icons: here a musical note - click on it - your music library pops up (bands, kinda 'boxy') -
then here's a camera icon - click on it - up pops photos (box; photography is what photography is)- dvd icon - click on and you can watch films (films are films, have grown a tad cliche, agreed?).. - the "W" icon for 'Word' - for typing - type a book (box!) or poetry (box!).. other boxes (cliche's): the theater - actors study script, get up on stage and try and strike cords in audience (box concept! - which masses continue to gobble up lol).. - you're walking about downtown and see a big metal sculpture - box(!) - and to think of all the paperwork the artist or his/her minions had to bend his/her/their brain(s) over to get it aoked by the GOV.
djing (box!) painting (boxes! 2D! 2D! 2D!) - zoning on computer (box, 2D, lots of 2D - all that 2D ingested - gazing on flat screen - reading words and listening to music and looking at pictures and watching flims and reading words and listening to music and looking at pictures and watching flims and...) museums (boxes - and all those paychecks disht out for upkeep) -
pleads the question - what's not box!?

Eeem.. multi-media art pierces through time to time - performance art can crack chains - and yes certain abstract paintings prove unfettered, keys unlock doors freeing imaginations to explore newness, this or that

conceptual art can be free as well i.e. is outside of box/cage

and yes while books hinge on (are pretty bound to) words to make them function even so a rich novel in which the writer is not shackled to getting paycheck from publishing house machines - and not sidelining originality to pander to the masses - these can really shatter cliche over the knee and send thinking and hearts beyond the day to day cliche

non fiction too - currently reading a chapter from my Dad's soon to publish book "THE SURREAL REICH" - a number of his prev books drive home that truth can be stranger than fiction / drop jaw

creating new book as you gaze on lighted screen about 15 inches away from your eyeballs
say a prayer for me and look at these 2 novels time being eh

Health Care in USA

Health Insurance is a pretty penny in USA
Oft tied to jobs which deduct x amount from paychecks
so that you're 'covered'
say one.. falls from a tree, hits ground - 'snap' - Yyouch! Knee!
concerned bystander calls 911 - ambulance suddenly shows - zooms injured person to hospital -
do you have 'Blue Cross Blue shield' - better hope so!
say it's some curious kid - who's parents don't have health insurance - who scrape by to pay rent and put food on table -
Whatev! time to PAY THROUGH NOSE!!!
Ah - and how about Bobby's cast - SHELL OVER THE DOUGH!!!
ah - and physical therapy - wh-what's that? - you have to pay rent? - TUFF BEANS -
COUGH UP!!!!!!

yes, reality is you and I (my American myspacey friends reading this) live in such a system

and we let it go on

powers that be collecting their paychecks

While places like Canada, Britain, France - even Cuba and India - have systems where the government pays for health care

CAN YOU IMAGINE walking into a hospital and being treated and not being anxious about an astronomical bill

I tip hat to these nations - whilst inserting a feather into theirs, respectively

for treating their citizens so well

in London they totally look out for pregnant mothers - allowing Ample time away from work

in France (where they enjoy a 35 hour work week) they get like 5 weeks PAID HOLIDAY - imagine the travels possible over the years - we're talking serious branching to exotic lands and beyond!

meanwhile think of all the work-a-day folk out in some place like Kentucky who the farthest they got in 40 years is like Jacksonville FLA because they're ball-and-chained to the factory that gives them their health insurance

Wake Up My Freedom Loving Friends!

As Mel Gibson yells in that movie: "FREEEEEDOOOOM!!!"

Let's Stand up and better the Health Care system

is it any wonder the STANDARD OF LIVING is so much HIGHER in Europe

is it any wonder Brits and the French LIVE LONGER


Wittgenstein quote and..

"Weiss sowohl als Schwarz sind beide undurchsichtig oder korperlich..... Weisses Wasser wird man sich nicht denken konnen, was rein ist; so wenig wie klare Milch"


"Both white and black are opaque or solid.... White water which is pure is as inconceivable as clear milk" Ludwig Wittgenstein 'Remarks on Colour'

what a statement
Luwig was on Earth 1889 - 1951
how did he come to write such things
have we freetime nowadays to pen such words

it is a searching
it is a trying to get things right

reminds of other night
returning to New York from Philly

on Chinabus
a family sitting directly behind me - Indians
the guy had a terrible cold - loud hacking cough
the lady spoke oft in a high nasal voice
the baby wailed crying

here was wrongness, it really seemed -
reeeally felt like.. 'wrongness'
i.e. 'why'? y'know - 'why is this?'

(how come myspace does not allow for italizization?)


pressing FWD:

also thought to self that I was gonna invest in some 'Airborne' on the morrow..

Recently heard from a friend about a Russian guy who, standing there, got 'sneezed on' - that is to say: someone sneezed (not covering mouth) straight in his face!!!

what he did was as follows

he went and (typical Russian style) bought a bottle of VODKA and poured it into his hand and rubbed it all over his face and drank some..

further, out tonight w/ a friend in wburg - grabbed din at a Polish restaurant -
he was cleaning the silverware with lemon slices
to ward off 'germs' -
he's torn as to whether to move to Sweden or remain in NYC

there's the aspect of moving to a higher standard of living viz. a 'better quality of life'

also aspect of (yes, Ghandi-esque) being the change you'd like to see in the place you live

if you pulled an arrow back (see it strain for release on the bow) and shot it fast -

what else is more on point than


2020.. and transportation (in a sense)

new book writing these days takes place in 2020


'takes place'

who came up with that way of putting it


'came up' - who coined that to mean 'discover'

who has which grasp on the language

who 'calls shots' as it were

countless and sundry over the ages

who gets recognition

who has time to laud it

as it goes

on and on

go ahead

look at wristwatch

close eyes and gauge feelings - be they peaceful of chaotic

go on

go on

go on ahead now

and here a recent e-mail to a fellow writer - extending props to his recent book

"Anyhow a feather in the book's cap is how bizarro it is -
esp in that these days as things wax nuttier and nuttier (as it seems to me)
people are looking for heavier and heavier (more potent) doses of 'gonzo' if you will to transport them away from reality

your book is tried and true in this regard as I stick ipod earbuds in (listen to like techno music) and speedread

sad-faced folk coming down from the Bronx become a non-issue, disappear

look up and next thing know at stop"

now, is this right
is it more noble to up and change the scenario of why this and that is this way or that way

and/or pray or

so, it's.. there's..


good prog on new book today
words words words

here a glimpse into a concept dealt with in recent book 'it is what it is'

the protag is at a concert
the band (fit with their long hair and black jeans) is sound-checking on stage -
the protag yells up to them
'you're all taking cues'
cues passed down and passed down
kinda like monkey sees monkey does
teen sees music heroes strumming guitar in front of a guy pounding at drum set
he goes and buys a guitar, learns, finds a drummer, a bass guitarist, they suddenly classify as a 'band'
they've taken their cues - are running with them.. regardless that it's been so done (out).. shout or whine the angry lyrics - which click in the youth (why's that?).. the photoshoot - them on a cover looking broody.. - on to playing at bars to crowds..

book strings it clearer
relates it to artists (kid sees guy splattering paint - has his/her cue - goes, gets canvas, proceeds to do likewise) to writers (one reads about the bohemian life of this or that writer and's suddenly reading novels in cafes - scrawling thoughts on memo pad) actors, directors, on and on..

can see why I'm keen on electronic and experimental music
foreign films and authors who've written true rather than tailoring their creations to please the publishing houses and editors who are paid to alter originality

gift books to pals

and whoever is in NYC Dec
attend this ball
gonna be rad
hosted by JESS STAM
would be great to see you there = )

the power of photography

so I was at the New York History Museum, Central Park West
awaiting a NewYorker magazine event -
to kill time went strolling about in new exhibit 'New York remembering 9/11':
two huge rooms - with lots of (printed-out-on-8x10-photo-paper) photographs -
floor to ceiling - and hanging from wires strung across the room - photos taken by civilians -
the buildings bursting
people running covered in white dust
exhausted fire fighters
thrashed cars
warzone aftermath shots on and on..

so walking amidst these many many photo, I slid camera from pocket -
the small Asian lady security guard shook her head no though
'no photography'

now, what *is it* about photography

take this scenario in point

essentially: do not take a picture of this room full of pictures ..

I guess one of the fears is that I'd go and make a poster of a picture of a picture
and some people would look at it and get sad

A while ago I I shot a ten second video of the Viennese museum as I curved down the lush stair case..

The stout security guard guy cross-examined me for quite a while - making it appear that at any second he could haul me off to jail

he made me delete the video

what is the problem here - do they think I'll go post it on youtube - and people would watch it - and, having, well, seen it, will go and rip their tickets up and hurl them laughing into the trashcan - 'the jig is up, baby - been there - done that!'

I'd chalk it up to how photography deals in truth -
and that's what grants it the power it wields -
a portrait shot can show glaringly clear into that window revealing the soul -

also there's power in that the photographer suddenly own a picture of you -
it's like a 'you' they now own in a sense and there's something to that eh

one could go on and on
yet that's a fun thing about blogs
you can snap them in 2 minutes and that's that

new fotos on website


Current mood: good

So I went and lookt at credit card scenario and saw that there were like three big bloodsucking high-APR-charging American gorillas on my back .

A plan of action crystalised in consolidating all these beasts - i.e. flipping them off back - into one big (peanut APR) kitten kaboodle

Now it'll be sitting pretty pretty, just, gotta watch; gotta make those payments - lest the peanut morph into a big fanged ape . - I'm all about smoothing this one over!

know I'm somewhat of a dreamer but it makes sense to me to devote like an entire semester in highschool to learing the ins and outs - *ropes* - and fineprint of credit cards.. would venture to say it woulda been leaps and bounds more advantageous to me in the longer run than, say, some of those Algebraic equations - what was up with a lot of those lol!

be sure to consider reading 7C and 'it is' as I craft new book


reading Bulgakov these days
Russians have - from what I've heard - like 8 words to English's one in many cases

having lots of words (could say tools, weapons, paints (colors, hues), instruments) knocking about in head - from which to draw on lightning fast -
such is, needless to type, advantageous to the writer

hat's off to Dostoevsky Tolstoy Nabokov

and Bulgakov - tho stretches artistic license rather drastically at points

even so, it comes through, a vastness, when reading - variety - scale - spektrum - complexity - rich - scope

exercises faculties more

uber decision-making happens when reading -

readers are deciding much more per ten seconds than someone who's just sitting there doing nothing - or watching TV or whatever.. - needless to throw in how much more imagining goes on..

here we shift this into other areas -
say art -
music -
films -
fashion -

you see honing that *discernment* capacity via reading - viz. that 'interpreting - interpreting - interpreting' that happens per second - you can apply that interpretation muscle to gaging, ascertaining, paintings, clothes, movies, venues, this, that - even people e.g. who to call close friends. . i.e. choosing best routes based on wisdom you've accrued over time

and yes of course VITAL is *WHAT* you read

choose wisely = )

Census Bureau.. and TV show responses

recently heard that NYC has 26,402 people per square mile
35.9% are foreign born
46.7% speak another language other than English in their homes (5 and older)

that's almost half

- - - - - -

you may have watched some of Ken Burns' shows about war

I asked my Dad(WW1+2 historian)'s thoughts on it
here the response:

"On the whole I think it's very good so far, and I've learned a lot from it.

Of course, K. Burns' left-wing politics always harp on civil rights, women's lib, etc. whether they're pertinent or not. Though I found the story of Japanese internment fascinating-- as well as brave performance of Japanese army units in Europe.

He criticizes General MacArthur for not being a man of the people, and (rightfully) gives the U.S. general staff low marks for getting tens of thousands of G.I.'s killed in bungled engagements all over the world (Cassarine Pass, North Africa, Anzio Beach, Italy, Ardennes Forest, France, Pelieu in the South Pacific, etc.) He likes U.S. Marine Colonel Evan Carlson of Carlson's Raiders, for being both smart and "democratic," e.g. allowing enlisted men to address officers by first names. General Patton gets high marks for being tough and highly capable-- though not necessarily a nice guy. More casualties occur from hesitant, incompetent commanders than aggressive ones who know what they're doing.

I like the firsthand accounts of veterans who participated in combat. The pieces about Rosie the Riveter, kids in Sacramento and LaVerne, Minnesota during the war, and Mobile's labor boom don't interest me so much.

I didn't know that airmen in flying fortresses suffered so many casualties-- because German fighter aircraft could outmaneuver them, and their own small escort planes didn't have enough fuel to follow them all the way into Germany.

Kens Burns will probably condemn some of the U.S.'s bombing of civilians in Germany and Japan (as he should.)"

- - - - - - -

here a slice of a reply from my bro living in Germany:

".... think about Hamburg getting 'carpet bombed' by B-52 bombers -- by American 'good guys'..."

- - - - - - - - -

I've been to Hamburg many times.. they've kept a part of a church standing - still caked in black ash - as a memorial.. so many lives - and so much beautiful arcitechture - blown to bits..

the human spirit is resilient
rebuilding occured -
think of how people are so about making - buildings and TVs and phones - and tools..
working and working and working.. what's it all leading up to


just saw Miss Saigon ..

opened doors ..

set me thinking about

Korean war - North Korea sought to make South Korea Communist

U.S. stepped in to stopped the spread of Communism


Then Mao went and spread Communism into North Vietnam

and Ho Chi Minh sprang up

and they sought to spread Communism to the south

the U.S. flew in to regulate

but it's a jungle over there

like fighting an invisible enemy

enemies who knew their turf - burrowed underground, set booby traps, sat in trees

picked many a soldier off

it was a 10 year thing, over there

55,000 fighters dead (Iraq numbers are around 3,000)

many mass demonstrations raged in the U.S.

then we decided on an air lift - copters flew in to get our troops out -

soldiers running for the copters as the North Vietnamese pressed in

the copters flew the troops away

troops returned to the USA

and the North Vietnamese came in

and took over

and Vietnam is a Communist country to this day . . . .

and we have troops over in Iraq driving around in Hummers and getting shot at

and years have gone by

* * *

I recall running through the early morning streets of Paris -
really hauling -
suitcase in hand -
to catch train -
to catch plane -
.. . 'catch'(?)
when you think of 'catch' - as in 'to catch' -
you think of like.. - baseball player jumping up -
*catch*ing ball in glove

I like fast talkers

how well read are Americans
I like people who've read a lot
and've not morphed into bookish freaks -
such takes mental fortitude -
'takes'(??) -
doesn't 'take' - it requires or involves -
crack 'take' over the knee -
chuck it aside for the right word

at all costs

truth factor plus


'spirit of the times' as it means in Deutsch

what is it today

was at a talk yest nite - a photographer - big in his day - shooting fashion - celebs -
painted a picture of the times - hard charging 80's - ppl snorting coke at nightclubs through the week - during day at work yada yada..

guess that was like just after the Studio 54 days

anyway now's another time -
who can pin it -

it's like..
well I'd say one of the biggest things going is technology - who has the best computers, gadgets..

this said I work at a computer store - Mac store - which sells other stuff as well -
the feelers are out and we sell the cutting edges

movies are popular even so I rank writing above in terms of depth

my books are for sale at the store I work at

23rd St in beating heart of Manhattan

Chelsea - where the gallery scene is -

where I'm scoping to find the best - to enter fotos, vids..

you see art melts the ice - melts or cracks it - shatters

tonight my Sweedish friend and I saw a painting in the trash out front my apt -

later we saw that someone had extracted it - propped it up on a ledge in the lobby hallway - in plain view as one descends steps - we loled.. She made way to 86th and I went and got paper towels at the corner store - talking on cellphone to friend heading to party at Gramercy Hotel.

what say we go way beyond 'technology' in terms of our zeit geist

how to actuate how to actuate

- - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

sitting down at kitchen table -
having lit candle - Mexican one - tall - illustration of a hand on it - w/ a slit in it - saints on clouds above each finger -
'THE MOST POWERFUL HAND' printed in white . . . .
having opened take out container and dug into tacos from local establishment 'TACO MIX' -
set into the art form I've come to deem - after many a year dealing in 'fine' and 'visual' arts - the superior way - - - yes that of *writing* . . . keen on pushing it to the HILT and beyond . . .

you see at this stage in the (history of the Earth) story -
what is 'realistic' painting or drawing - - - when one can snap a digi pic (photography I rank 2nd behind writing - and 'engage' in time to time =) and vids of course )

beginnings of a new book unfolding - unraveling - the character's are spirit beings

with writing as with the spoken words you can go places so fast - whereas 'realistic'
paintings so lock you into that landscape - that person's room . . . - I do tip hat to abstract works (which ties for 2nd w/ fotos - and which I also enjoy making) - as they let the viewers imagination invent

on the lines of spoken word - I recall listening to a poet in Phila - at the Kelly writer's house at the University of Pennsylvania - the gist of what the guy was saying was - - - there's love, there's hate - then there's (the roughest) 'indifference -
in retrospect recently it hit me like a hammer on the head -

there's love, there's hate - then there's (which dumps more haterade on - more even than does hate) does as at least 'hating' (i.e. expressing 'hate' twrds someone e.g. calling and yelling mad words at(?) him/her] acknowledges the other person's existence/humanity..

people who are indifferent to others rank in the lowest of the low

at this point I better check self and ensure I'm not going about ignoring this person or that -
if I do go ahead and give me a good punch in the gut to set me straight -
so long as I don't have to perform an escape l8tr in the day from a tank of water in chains -
isn't that how Houdini spent his last moment(s)?

Blessings and visit my site
buy both books speed read and give to friends
pray as I type new one and if ur in NYC what say let's meet up

what’s what you’re doing

doing to you

think of it -
so many jobs these days at desks -
so many pear-shaped people walking about

then there's body-builders - apple shaped - what with those back muscles fanning out

how about what booze does to those who excess -
hunkered over - bulging belly - vacant yellow eyes

say you're one who listens to music all the time -
be it metal (grow long hair - wear black a lot)
or rap - hat shifts sideways - enter baggy clothes

or you read all the time - there goes the eyes - on go thick glasses

politics or your generic office cubicle job tend to wax people into wood -
rigidity holds hands w/ conformity - cogy-esque following the policies and etiquette

yes yes there are many many exceptions

then there are artists - who if they don't watch can be lumped into a ball as well

living this way melds one this way
living that way melds one that way

in what way are you forming

what are you doing -

going to be doing

what's that leading up to

what's what you're doing

doing to you


If we were really to sit back
take a deep breath
remove ipod nubs from ears
set laptop aside
put book down
silence cellphone
turn TV off
remove sunglasses
rub eyes..
and look - reeeally look
at the U.S.
I mean reeeeeaally look at it....
Look at it.
You have all these people groups
(picture a highschool caf - picture a University caf) ...
and they like to dwell amongst their own kinds (picture Chinatowns)
I live in a place called Spanish Harlem

Mexicans in summer like to sit out together and play bongos singing

Then you have the MILITARY


(picture those bombs blasting Bagdad to bits on TV)

Then you have the Media
people getting paid to work deep into the night to print sheets of papers which people take in hand and gaze on

symbols which form pictures in their heads - pictures of Tanks and Hummers and Explosions

then they go to there workplaces and time to time converse about what they read - or saw on TV or on the net

and work to make MONEY $$$... $

and the more money people have the happier and healthier they tend to be

tho there are cases of people like making money their god and going psycho

anyway look at America
it's like a huge engine
fueled by the sweat of all these workers

and protected by the military

and how many neighbors talk to their neighbors these days

let alone love them

just.. talk..

I hardly ever talk to mine..

Most of them are Mexican..

I like Mexicans

they don't seem all that keen on batting around a topic though

or if I'm in Chinatown - same vibe many times

focus seems set like a laser beam on 'making money' to keep the body functioning
functioning in the juggernaut that is the USA

The most powerful country in the world.

utilising space efficiently

my brother James living in Germany between Hamburg and Berlin
sent me this link recently visit the site...

crisp, clean design eh - tight
reminds of ambling about in Tokyo - taking in the designs - sharp angles - compact quarters -
and the trash trucks - like mini! - - - even so could squeeze so much to such airtight compaction

the Japanese have proven themselves very adaptive; they meld to make it work

so easy on the environment these mini homes'd be - picture it - - - everyone in one - all w/ their Smartcars parkt in lot - which runs on corn - or solar power

now while I'm amenable to this - try pitching it to a Texan on his dude ranch - liable to get a 2x4 smashed over ur head heh heh

which bubbles up that Columbine movie by Moore - a best bit being the cartoon scene - shows how the Pilgrims didn't like being told how to do religion - up and left for the new world - - - i.e risked their lives rather than being told what to do - - - a proud people
'Pride' this - 'Pride' that

"Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth" Jesus

anyhow what say setting up a good amount of these microhomes and unleashing bulldozers on McMansions and their SUVs

opening up funds to beautify the architecture within cities - making it a peasant walk about - free of vibe-destroying projects - an aesthetically pleasing city - which delights the eyes, stimulates the mind

vital energy

schlubbing to 6 train early AM
note Mexican and Puerto Rican neighbors emerging from subway w/ sad faces
groups, milling about disoriented - as it dawns - the 6 train is not running..
in a zone, cut in front of jumbled line to pressing on bus
which is jam packt as I stand w/ New Yorker mag to face blocks and swaying blocks
reading article about Brit social commentator of the the 1800's Herbert Spencer
here an excerpt:
"Cerebral activity makes enormous demands on vital energy, and "if expenditure is excessiveit cannot be met without deduction from that reserve power which should go to race-maintenance." Reading interfered with breeding."
to showing up at computer store where basement is a puddle - techs with mops in hands - shop vacs wailing sucking in the water
I wade through to a dim storage area where a fat waterbug skitters up a piece of plywood to considering me at eye level - standing in the water I flash eyes about for something to smash it with - hone in on a cheap umbrella hanging on a rack - shaggy black one - the kind with the plastic hook handle - I swoosh a swing to Blam! - and all that remains of it is it's head there stuck to that sheet of plywood - anteni moving as it goes on considering me but fading away

we all managed to bail the place out and then it's free lunch: massive chicken burrito delivered - too much cheese even so

second half of work..

onto the subway (running again) to Brooklyn
where kick back and crack thick French philosophy book
here excerpt:
"It is hard to tell who is who anymore, or what anything means. Instead of a rigid line composed of well-determined segments, telegraphy now forms a supple flow marked by quanta that are like so many little segmentations-in-progress grasped at the moment of their birth, as on a moonbeam, or on an intensive scale." (1000 Plateaus)

and to address the Spencer article excerpt I've found cerebral activity to invigorate

computer spaceship

A-train to JFK today where met my mother who flew in from Frankfurt at LUFTHANSA Arrivals area to guide her to Chinatown and send her on bus to Philadelphia.
En route 6 train to Canal stop heard about her time in Ireland w/ my sister and how you'd drive down street (left side of road) and see people just standing talking out front their lil' houses - about this, that.. going's on in the community e.g. 'did ya hear Patty O'reilly got a new car?' - 'O really, what kind?' - 'A Nissan' - 'Y'know I hear that's not a bad car - my cousin Bridget - you know Bridget - she had that red one - served her well - Japanese they are, right?' and on and on.. How much of this type of talk happens in bigger cities..

Internet plays in plenty-
like people boarding their respective spaceships and zooming off into cyberspace for hours on end.. kinda like what I'm doing now..
anyhow it has it's pluses - like the cyber-friends I added today on facebook from Canada..
what are the chances that I'll be batting around how my cousin bought a Nissan w/ them tho..
'tho' - here we see a word that's come into existence (to a large extent) b/c of computers - like our lol's and btw's and 'ttyl's - or even 'talk 2 u l8tr' - is this all language we'll use when a big computer spaceship lands and we all board and fly to planet Computer - just walking around w/ laptops hung by suspenders to bellies, clickering away ichat to each other - eventually evolving into symbols ^ - ^ ~ ~ %%%%%% > > > - - - looking through telescopes time to time down on Irish countrysides scratching heads over how to get laptops in their hands asap


stopped drinking coffee today - got a wicked headache lol
watched a nutrition video yesternight which kinda basht it - alcohol too
it was an Indian lady who spoke in a thick English accent and looked wise
she said we should eat protein, carbs, and fats with every meal -
for instance bfast: fruit and yogurt - throw nuts and seeds on that -
or have eggs, this, that, the next
and that we should nibble snacks between meals
she lookt kinda heavy to be honest - but wise - and that counts
and she said if it wasn't around 1000 years ago don't eat it

so chittering at keyboard having just downed 2 chick tacos from local mex barrio - chased down by chilled sliced mangos - feeling pretty good - she also drew an analogy that you are like a spider web - that you pluck one part (say emotions - or thoughtlife) and it effects the other parts (say, body) - so you become what you think about a lot yada yada

so most likely I'll return to coffee after a sort of 'cleanse stint' -
just, in moderation - can always flash the Terence (Roman dramatist) card eh viz 'moderation in all things'

500G Drive

Tirk Nerker -
renown photographer -
long white beard -
massive collection - tens of thousands - of original pictures - and movies -
having stowed them away over the course of 40 years to just about maxing out his trusty 500 gig external hard drive steps out to go for a walk along the water up by the George Washington Bridge - to think through a big artshow he's in next month - where he's to go head to head with photographer Barry Pastori - another force in the art world. the Times are seriously hyping the show - calling it best of the Century..
Now, Barry - having known Tirk as a contemporary (and rival) over the years - to point of knowing his habits - like this daily walk by the water - and how Tirk never locks his doors and always leaves his windows wide open - takes it upon himself - having grown extremly nervous over the show - the fact that Tirk is to introduce a recent batch of short films - involving dogs flying in small jet planes around central park - how it'll no doubt take the prize - leave Barry in the dust - to go down in history books as the inferior artist - takes it upon himself to climb in through an open window.. he reaches, detatches the hard drive.. A lady who saw him climb in the window calls 911 - hanging up as he climbs out and goes running - hard drive hid in flannel shirt as he shuffles along towards the water.
but Tirk took another route that day. - one that has him - peering wide eyed from behind a bush - honing in on Barry who - audibly giggling, is winding his arm back for a throw into the green sparkling water.. Tirk sees a rock by his foot - perfect - size of a tangerine - whisks it up and throws - - - the arch.. to - direct hit - something straight out of a movie - how it bounces off Barry's head - lets a loud curse - hunches over rubbing top of head - other hand still grips drive - - - and Tirk's running straight for him - it clicks in Barry's mind that it's now or never - gives it all he's got - cracking into a big wind up - but a cop - coming from no where running full speed - a lady cop - squat blond - hair pulled back in tight pony tail - dive tackles him - drive goes flying - and Tirk dives - memory of beach volleyball as a youth appears in mind as he soars totally horizontal - arm stretched full extentsion - drive lands neatly in palm - but it.. registers in head that.. - he'd dove on a steep little hill.. - it's.. taking a while to land - registers that.. - he'd leapt pretty much off the bank - he lands 'SPLOOSH'! in the water as this.. sudden storm rolls in - and it's crashing lightning and hail and it's all blurry - probably stemming from hearing what sounded like his spine cracking as he hit the bottom going in.. and that's how he went out - and into history books - but not much ink in the books because he hadn't anything much to show - as it was all on that full 500 gig drive which got lost in that storm.
Barry had his head bandaged and was disqualified from the art show.. made it into the history books too - though inextricably tied to how he caused Nerker to dive to his death.. - a few books in Europe gave him credit for one etching he did when he was 27 - which really was quite exceptional.

interactive blog

to think of a blog -
lighted symbols (letters) forming meanings (words) strung together (sentences) -
leading ur mind into directions - yea even moving you to action, this is. . it's. . .

so I've been walking around listening to newly-acquired loads of songs -
multitudinous tracks by artists 'Weather Report' and 'Pat Metheny' . . .

adds a kind of solace - balm (does not art grease the skids of life?) - to this living surrounded by dum bunny Americans - - - jklol!

em, so, interaction, yeah.. - - - we'll kick into it w/ a look at a shining light in the legend band 'Weather Report': Jaco Pastorius

called the best bass guitarist to ever live by Bass Guitar Mag, he'd completely rock the house - knocking roof clean off gig after gig

till, at 35, getting into a fight with a bouncer, he got his lights beat out and died.

read more (viz. 'interaction')

transitioning interaction to next level:

go to itunes and get the song by Pat Metheny called 'Slip Away' (yes, goony title I'd say, even so, a gem tune)

Ok, now, to engage, exercise, imagination, envisioning capabilities - sharpen up friends:

here's what to do (if you're into participation - could be you're a gerbil skittering hard on that wheel - to get that paycheck - frowning brow at this chalking it up to a 'not-contributing-to-'bottom line'' item and so - 'who has the time!' - in which case keep feeding the machine ya cog - jklol! ) clamp on a good pair of headphones, set volume to high..

I've been to some great BBQs. Sure you have too.
Imagine a legend BBQ in ur head -
That time when day's shifting into night; mystical lighting.. lots of friends around - smell of the smoke wafting from grill.
tipping an ice cold one and on goes the music (press play and listen the tune through)..

* to hear Jaco in action get weather report's 'Night Passage' and listen - how about that bass right!!!!!

heart is beating

eyes flick open and it's..
to kitchen
pull bag of sunflower seeds, bag of pumpkin seeds, from fridge..
bottle of MULTI VITAMINS from cabinet..
water gusht from tap into cheap glass..
sit on futon
chew handfulls..
shorts, vans
walk to CITIBANK
extrakt $20
buy container of cut mangos eat them on platform
6 to L to Brklyn
crack book @ cafe
3 cups intermittent breaks zing emails from fone
bumble over to next cafe where sit uploading youtubes awaiting happy hour
heart goes on beating
do evolutionists think fish popt into monkeys popt into people
this heart beating entirely out of our hands bit though is just like..

As compares to.. it's.. there's..

As compares to..

as.. which compares to which

who's to say anything about anything

so then there's.. it's..


"far as I can tell"

"so far as that goes"

heh it's like

"Ok, see what happens"
"Well, it.. is.. what it is.. pretty much.."
"Well.. now THAT THAT'S THAT"

"and that meant?.."


akZo la ren then, it's..


your soul

today at beach wading into water -
cold of ocean stinging through
it occurred:
the soul is what feels that cold
the invisible being inside
yeah there are nerve endings, synapses, this and that
but is it not the soul - that invisible force inside -
that does the real feeling
i.e. if you threw a corpse in the water - fit w/ all those synapses
Nothing it'd feel;
the feeling has 'left the building'
the soul is gone.
The soul is what feels

Refinement of the soul therefore what

Does experience enhance the soul

Depends on the experiences I suppose

of what quality, caliber

who has the best soul

how is your soul

what are you feeling

are you feeling this

if I had all the money in the world

I'd suddenly be very, very rich..
Famous too..
Would be called upon to.. Give money to all the countries of the world..
Great Britian gets this amount.
Chile, this ammount..
Iraq.. - Iran.. - Sudan..

Then the pat can answer would be to travel the world
I've done plenty of traveling -
and I read in some health book recently while waiting in line at Jamba Juice that flying a lot can drain vital energy or something like that..

It would be a big loft in L. East Side
Entertain friends
Give to charities

make architectural drawings
considering perspective
and geometric sculptures
write poems

wake up each morning and stretch out on the roof looking at river glistening..

while the government prints money so that people can pay their rent

I saw a documentary recently
had an interview with filmmaker Jonas Mekas

He said in 1963 he lived in an apartment on Orchard Street Manhattan (Awesome location!) and paid $14.95 a month rent.

and how many Americans reading this made it this far
and how many have gotten it
(insert emoticon - the one w/ the head swirling in place)

read new novels!


here watching bladerunner 1am w/ neighbor
she brought over a box of chocolates
they were in shapes
ate one in shape of a rat : S
earlier we had a chicken ceaser salad at East Harlem restaurant Orbit
yesterday morning I was listening to experimental music in Tribeca -
see how it relates to abstract art then -
it not being all that conducive to playing at a social gathering comprised of Americans -
as an abstract painting tends not to go over all that well being hung above that couch in living room
Americans tend to like music with lyrics - tracks to run on - helps them feel -
they also like paintings of recognizable things - comfort in recognition - in reality
duplicatiions of reality - the more close to real the more comfort they feel
no rocking boat please

this generation is pretty daring in terms of thinking outside of box - - - PSYCHE!

yet hope springs as it springs skies brightening smiles curling on laughter bursts forth

Creation of the Earth

other day
painting -
cutting ceiling -
big white drop fell
watched it
landed right in eye
pictured eyeball, clamoring down ladder -
heading for bathroom -
reminded of science classes back in day -
bunsen burners and such -
those double upward faucets -
'flush eyes' signs
so I flushed away
and that was that -
then there's those ages -
'Devonian' and such -
50 million years ago give or take -
was at IMAX show recently at museum - they were talking about 250 million years being
the Earth's age
if you trace back the lineages - clear to Adam it's something like 5,760 years -
and there's that creation account there in Genesis and so it's like. . .


mountains soaring up through oceans way high in air exploding to billions of bits

floating glass ships time being -

on other bodies of water lazily get sinking -

as vigorous ones pull up along side

lil' side flaps pop open

fat black barrels ebb forth

blast canon balls!

rivers get flowing b-line up into space as well -

Mars cracks in two

worldwide conference called

serious brows crack into spikes

as topic breaches into

who's to say what's what when dealing with, operating in, realms of pure fantasy

then tigers invade (of course) -

flying ones - which glow -

machine guns ebbing from eye sockets - rattling at slightest whim

CEO dives straightway into the vertical river and begins to (feeling a surge of empowerment at the spontaneity of it all) swim

for his life



saw a documentary about Slovanian sociologist philosopher Slavoj Zizek

one point he grappled with/posited

is that society slaps an injunction on us to be joyful

eyebrows rise if smile not plastered on face in the workplace

I'd add that there exists an unspoken injunction to conform to conventionality

eyebrows rise if not fall in line w/ American mores - of way it's been i.e.

school, college, job, house, marriage, kids, retire

"If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool."
Carl Jung

"What man does not understand, he fears; and what he fears, he tends to destroy."

Looking on bright side - in big cities there's more freedom

Freedomlovers Unite!


Reading Hume's
'An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding'
and eyes scan over sentence
"The most lively thought is still inferior to the dullest sensation."
can one be really dogmatic on this though
say you think of a world-changing solution that will transform standards of living across boards..
now, pinch your nose.. - is that sensation - that feeling you experienced while you were pinching your nose more important than that potentially earth shaking thought.. uuuuhh.. -
look about you - see the buildings - architecture is first Thought up - then drawn up - then built..
if sensations outstripped thoughts - the designers and architects wouldn't think up projects
but rather sit round pinching their (each other's[?]) nose(s) eh

in any case go ahead and read new book - seeing what it does to your thoughts


Our grandparents lived in the USA that was -
like, how fun was that -
seems they gleaned excitement from moving into suburban homes and getting household appliances and watching TV..
Americans back then deriving fun from like, roller skating to local diner and drinking a soda pop listening to juke box sinking teeth into big burger


then Vietnam war popt up -
and like the protests and smoking buds

and then that was that and then.. starting families and..

enter today..

you're.. reading words on lighted computer screen -

these symbols entering in through eyeballs registering in brain making sense - the pictures appearing - the feelings happening -

and, today, here we are.. our objective being..


and who's getting rich and why -

while many go on subsisting on rice and beans..

and/or getting calls from 'collecting agencies'

So American!

blissy childhood transitions into terrified adulthood -

see it in the eyes! fellow human beings walking around - a state of SPAZZ plastered on face -

juggling plates - covering bases - - - better work overtime!!!!

and who's going to break the chain - or do we pass the stodge-muffin-control-freak baton on to next generation - dare we! - how could we!

yes we wish for better times - we wish for more freedom - wish wish wish -

wishy washy!

high time to exchange wishbone for BACKBONE!!!

standing up and living in freedom -

rather than enslavement to a 9-5 - formalities! formalities! - stick on the suit, clamp on tie in 90 degree weather!!!

what does 'living in freedom' mean -
you know what it means! now do it - and at all cost for the love of God!

New Hampshire License Plate: LIVE FREE OR DIE
Patrick Henry: "Give me liberty or give me death."

Can one even be considered as living whilst bumbling as a pawn steered hither dither to the string tugs of higher-ups


read new novel:

yes and no: is this it

yes and no
it's either 'yes' or 'no'
it 'is' or it 'isn't'
he/she did or he/she didn't
they are or they aren't

is this it

yes, no, - no, yes

just 2 options

doesn't it seem like.. dull -
oughten't there to be more other than just these 2 -
where's the variety -
yeah there's 'maybe' - but this is uncertainty and so's like.. not really a solid -
the hard facts - the punch - dwell in yes or no..
I like more options than just 2 -
it's been yes and no for sooo long
it's so been done - it's so 'what it is'..

what's the solution

lighten up!

and is it all 'question' and 'answer' -
A asks B a question -
B gives answer -
is that it - just 2 options (another 'just 2(?)'!) -
yeah there's 'expressive' language - but what's that..
and directive language (commands and such) - but that's rather, again, 'what it is' eh..

how do we create more options and make daily life a more exciting experience


if one says 'I have to see God to believe'
how about your mind
do you see it
do you believe you have one

and how about if I think in my mind that I'm in Rome
then I tell someone I was just in Rome

since I was there *in my mind*
couldn't it be said that I WAS there (even if just 'in a *sense*')

is there anything 'unimaginable'

can you imagine everything at once?
e.g. how do you say the word 'surreal' in Bangali?
didn't think so..

Joyce spoke 5 languages
und sie? (and you?)

languages expand the mind's capacities

how vast is your mind


we had a health insurance guy come in to work this week..
employees on the company's insurance plan were encouraged to attend a half hour session in our seminar room with this guy.
I got in on the first session (they ran for 2 days).
he was a stocky guy - Domincan or.. -
NY accent - seemed like a native -
gelled black hair, mustache, 40 something, smart glasses, navy suit, bright orange tie..
the things he was saying to us was gold -
bread and butter/meat and potatoes of my new book 'it is what it is' set to launch this Spring..
things like
"What we have here at Oxford Medical plans -
which all of you are on.. -
there's the low plan, the medium plan, and the high plan.."
"on this one - what you get is a deductible - which kicks in at a certain point.."
"you pick the plan that best meets your needs.."
he also mentioned the emergency room - being like "500 a night" to stay over in a hospital -
which rang a bell in my head 'not to get hurt' -
recalled surviving on chunks of bread and yogurt over in Europe; scraping by to stay at hostels for 18 euro a night..

you're walking down the street - a flower pot falls from a window - smashes over your head and you're suddenly paying 500 per night to stay in a hospital - possibly next to a guy who's weeping aloud over just loosing his arm..

Doctors get paid Serious cash.
isn't it to Help us -
do me a favor and don't drain my bank account!
stitch up the cut over my eye and I give you 50 bucks instead of 500.

Universities and Hospitals are supposed to be helping us.

What's happening!


Art can serve to 'grease the skids of life'
yet think of someone 'getting paid' to 'make art'
it's laughable, really..
then there has to be promo -
talk about tootling one's horn..
yet it's.. gotta be done(?)
Well, think of an Earth with no art -
i.e. if all the artists at once upped and chucked all their art supplies into dumpsters -
and got like, TEMP JOBS.. or worked as WAITERS and WAITRESSES..
It'd be a pretty dull world eh..
Think about it - there'd be NO MOVIES to go see on weekends..
NO DVDs to rent from the VIDEO RENTAL STORE.
It'd be bland..
Would we sit around and talk about.. mathematics for hours.. -
and musicians are artists -
so it would be like.. sitting in silence discussing matematical equations for hours..
Does this excite you?

show up at big arty event Thurs @ Tekserve
I've seen this guy live - how he can remember so many lines - extraordinary!
*buy a 7C while your there - they're on the bookshelf and I'd be happy to sign : )

further elaboration on 'setting'

capturing scenes via photos, vids,
and zinging them in through eyeballs of others -
into hearts and minds to do, move, this, that..
We see how important SETTING is - - - LOCATION (of the photos)..
If one person comes up to me w/ a stack of photos from Stockholm and another approaches with a stack of photos from Stirknersburg Kentucky - you can guess which will 'pull the biggest draw'; 'hold the biggest sway' -
which opens into books as well - - - novels - - - if the setting is off - say, some obscure suburb - or 3rd world bonzoland (i.e. some place I'd rather not be) - I snap it shut - hurl it clear out the window - who has time! (are exceptions of course)..
Springs to mind notion of sharpening or blunting -
fotos, novels, movies, (on and on) serve either to sharpen or blunt your edge.. -
key is knowing (ability to read) the messages sent - knowing what they do to you..
what they put inside you..

The above can help in terms of assessing a place, a location you find yourself in.. I kind of have these eyes now where, looking around I'll ask self 'is there anything here that's up to par (up to snuff) in terms of photographing - is there anything about this scene which would hold water - which would make for good prose - be worthy to write about.. if there's nothing interesting enough to make a photo - time to liven things up - or go to a better place : )

Tyson on Photography

Tyson on Photography
What is 'Tyson'
a name - a label -
if I had a name I didn't like - I'd so change it.. -
say a last name like.. 'Dogbert' .. 'Borfman' .. 'Snitzle'
Aaaanyway.. Photography..
Time to weigh in - and on an 'aspect' mind you..
i.e. how integral - vital - it is..
'idyllic' -
you catch that crackle in atmosphere.. divine, say - 'supernatural'..
document it - be it via words or images..
Do we desire to be where the characters are in the books we're reading - of course - talk about what sustains reading!).
This enters into the notion that your environment is rich only in so far as it can provide you with rich, mind-expanding, inspiring photos.. Can this serve as a gauge? i.e. your neighborhood, workplace, hangout place, vacation place, is only beautiful to the extent that it can provide you with awesome shots.. Say I go to some suburb in Kansas - how many shots can it offer.. Compare that to beating heart of NYC.. Where are you these days? how photographic is it?
Tuck camera in inside pocket or bag.. when a scene strikes in as rich (many aspects here, what do we deem 'rich', 'juice') zip cam free, snap a ringer..
then going and showing it forth - ZING! - into eyes of viewers - that energy soaring in - and what happens in their hearts and minds - - - well (if you hit bell on the whistle) - they'll recieve a glimpse - or full fledge ZAP - of what you experienced when you were moved there - possibly more - they might be moved to point of (from what I heard, as people were hearing Jonathan Edwards preach) falling to ground, weeping..
Or could be they'll start laughing - or even to laughing crying..
Choose ur settings - choose wisely - what else is life other than where you are - and share the good ones - the best ones.. - first one must learn what's good, what's best - - - discernment - and this, a whole nother kitten ka-boodle/ball of wax perhaps for another time.. and what is your thinking on photography - what does it do to you

"The oldest religion is where we are. And where we are encompasses everywhere we ever were." Robert Kelly

Schopenhauer on Photography

Read this quote by Schopenhauer and see what you think

"Photography . . . offers the most complete satisfaction of our curiosity."


What a ringer!


and here kiddies paying such lump sums (invisible of course - yet very, very real - as many discover after graduation lol (or, 'sol' [sob out loud(?)] lol!).. In any case all's growing better and better as we're wising up eh - - - progress to progress - very progressive - - - - freedom's blowing the doors clean off - hear the screws skitter across the tile floors yyyyeeeeaaaah!!!

Blessings on your head and let's raise the bars in 2007!

Readers tow the line - - - shove that envelope!

Learn from the Aussies

I heard it said that Australia is a very agreeable place to live.. I heard that you find 4 day work weeks there. How great would this be to institute here in the U.S.
It's true people worked very hard to make this country what it is - think of that black and white picture of those guys sitting on that iron beam up in the sky - the city below in background..
Think of all the institutions people had to put all those hours into setting up...
Well, now those buildings are built - those institutions are set up - oughtn't this free up time -
sure there will be new projects and all - but you see what I'm saying - many things are in place and humming right along - how about a 4 day work week - we can survive like this - I strongly believe! Do you.

I work a 9-5 M-F.

Aah 3-day weekends - in which to pursue, explore, do, experience, this, that, the next..
Think of how many more places we'd see - and books we'd read : ) - how much more depth would be infused into this scrambling, wonky country.. I'm for anything that will cure spazzing and spread good vibes which bless the atmosphere and souls and whole days.

Freedom Lovers Rise Up! Wrest power from the Control Freaks! Charge the Atmosphere with good vibes, humor and joy!

Yyyyyyyyyeeeeaah! That's what I'm talking about! Is that what you're talking about!

How do we do this

"Land of the Free, Home of the Brave."

Yes, you recognize it clearly - sang at BASEBALL GAMES...
Strong words eh...
Little kiddies, hands over heart - I was one of 'em!

So.. "Land of the free".. dja see the lil' youtube clip - dja see that message in the guy's eyes -
Free.. - so long as you FALL IN LINE and PAY RENT!
Look at us all living in this!
Yow! What a system!
and what's the solution

Vegetarianism; two sides of the coin

In Grand Central other day – walking by - stopped at – a table – which had.. a TV on it.. – and some literature.. On the TV.. were two pigs, hanging upside down, wriggling.. a guy – executed a few cuts – blood, spurting out, down, to puddles below.. – and so it dawned, that this was an 'anti-violence to animals' type table.. – looking closer.. it was a vegetarian/vegan type table.. – with two Earthy, organic, Upstate-looking guys – handing pamphlets.. – a guy next to me stood, holding the hand of his lil' daughter, who gazed at the shrieking upside down oinkers on the screen.. – then the tape went into chickens – how they're all cooped up in cages atop each other and fattened up and all that – "KFC" popped to mind.. then my eyes honed in on the pictures they had spread about – on the floor and table. – a number of 8x11 pics of body builders – flexing shining bulging biceps and triceps – like Mr. America types – grimace-smiling, veins popping out fierce..
And I was like (realizing they were expressing the point that these were vegetarians) "wow – thought you had to eat all kinds of protein – really beef up on red meat to get guns like that" – "popular misconception" he said – "you can get plenty of protein in other ways other than animal protein." - "really, wow.. yeah, these pictures speak volumes..." – then – continuing on in the kind of zone I was in before spotting the table, I bumbled off.. and.. that was that..

From New Yorker Mag:

"When the sixteen-year-old Ben Franklin converted to vegetarianism, he seemed to have been struck both by its health benefits and by moral sensitivity to animal suffering. But Franklin soon fell off the wagon. On his first sea voyage from Boston, his ship was becalmed off Block Island:

Our People set about catching Cod, & haul'd up a great many. Hitherto I had stuck to my resolution for not eating animal Food; and on this Occasion, I consider'd . . . the taking every Fish as a kind of unprovok'd Murder, since none of them had or ever could do us any Injury that might justify the Slaughter. All this seem'd very reasonable. But I had formerly been a great Lover of Fish, & when this came hot out of the Frying Pan, it smelled admirably well. I balanc'd some time between Principle & Inclination; till I recollected, that when the Fish were opened, I saw smaller Fish taken out of their Stomachs; Then thought I, if you eat one another, I don't see why we mayn't eat you. So I din'd upon Cod very heartily and continu'd to eat with other People, returning only now & then occasionally to a vegetable Diet. So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable Creature, since it enables one to find or make a Reason for everything one has a mind to do."

cue takers

golly so many people reading blog I'm happy..
read more my friends -
maybe our European neighbors will stop calling us.. stupid Americans!

this blog is called 'cue takers' - my new book 'it is what it is' - expect Spring 07 - zincs further into this.. -

basically there are huge engines -
these engines (media, fashion, music ind, hollywood) churn out CUES -
a cue as you know is a line that actors are given to perform - they operate on these..

masses gaze big-eyed at the engines - they receive their cues.. see this, that, say, on TV, at the movies - and they take that cue HARD - and run with it.. as it spreads through their HIGHSCHOOL.. it's the easy way.. go with the flow.. monkey see monkey do.. TAKE THAT CUE!

then there are the few who go the original road.. and have to deal with the cue takers gnashing teeth at them through the days.. - too intenst - maybe a few go as far as gnashing teeth - 'act indifferent towards' might be more on target.

and what's the sollution

have you read 7C yet

Why Jews and Chinese people are SO SMART; a theory..

I'll start with art;
a black and white photo I saw a while ago
in a thick photo book..
of a Jewish guy - wearing skull cap, forelocks hanging down and all - leaning over a small boy, pointing at a book - Scripture most likely..
It struck into my mind there.. -
and the summer I was in China - living on a college campus - gauging the intensity of the students - hearing how they were brought up - competing for high test scores to get into University - diligently studying - long after school let out..
It dawned then too..
that, perhaps this accounts for the Chinese and the Jews ranking 1 and 2 in race intelligence testing scores.. They're the smartest peoples - so say the stats..
talking with my Jewish friend Coby the other day - he said that - other than just math skills - *desire* ties into the equation as a factor in terms of intelligence..
getting back to that black and white photo - here's how it dawned..
While that kid was pouring over that - yea *memorizing* - that Scripture - I was like, out in the back yard with my two brothers, no shirt on, no shoes, playing WIFFLE BALL or something - pulling wheelies on my BMX..
While that Chinese kid was pouring over that Calc 2 problem in Junior High, I - I, Gentile AMERICAN, was.. SKATING around the neighborhood - catching air off a LAUNCH RAMP..

*however I fed off all that freedom - which reaps its own benefits so it's aaaall good.. -.. veeeerrry gooooood.. : )


they say 'numbers don't lie'
whatever that means..
Artists tend to find numbers boring..
They fascinate me.
Esp when you consider how many scenes people have seen.
Some have seen more than others.
E.g. some lady working at a rest stop Wendy's near Akron Ohio day in day out twenty years straight - seeing that same griddle day after day - wearing same outfit.. - as compared to someone who's been traveling the world for 20 years straight..
How about word count. I finished reading another book today. They're stacking up in my apartment.. plus there's a huge trash bag of magazines (New Yorker, Frieze, Economist among others) sitting by my door as I type - ready to be hauled down the 6 flights in the morning, hurled onto the big heaps of garbage in the courtyard.. There's a number of words I've read over the course of my life - - - how does that compare to yours I wonder (do you wonder that!).. - I reckon someone like an 80 year old professor of Philosophy at Oxford or Harvard is way ahead of me.. Could be that on a given day I surpass y'know - cross the line..
Currently reading 'Art in Theory, An Anthology of Changing Ideas' (1127 pages)..
What are you reading..
And how about writing.. there's a number of words you've written over your life span..
I just finished writing a new book called 'it is what it is' - look for it in the Spring - plan to buy, read and discuss it with friends : )
and get 7C if you've yet to experience.. available at
I just read that Madame Blavatsky filled 14 volumes with over 60,000 pages of prose..
How about Winston Churchill - he used to crank out the history books..

and what about colors - is there a set numbber of colors - doesn't there have to be in order for them to exist? - let that concept spin in your cranium eh..

Imagine a world without numbers - better yet imagine it with more numbers - like you slip your ATM card in - and your balance appears as 1,004,587,342.87

50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states

this month's Wired mag:

next time you feel like complaining about being tired, getting up and going to work:

Dean Karnazes

"and a few months ago, at age 44, he completed 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days, one in each of the 50 states."


and this is just off chains:

"You wouldn't believe the stuff Karnazes consumes on a run. He carries a cell phone and regularly orders an extra-large Hawaiian pizza. The delivery car waits for him at an intersection, and when he gets there he grabs the pie and rams the whole thing down his gullet on the go. The trick: Roll it up for easy scarfing. He'll chase the pizza with cheesecake, cinnamon buns, chocolate ├ęclairs, and all-natural cookies. The high-fat pig-out fuels Karnazes' long jaunts, which can burn more than 9,000 calories a day. What he needs is massive amounts of energy, and fat contains roughly twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrates. Hence, pizza and ├ęclairs. When he's not in the midst of some record-breaking exploit, Karnazes maintains a monkish diet, eating grilled salmon five nights a week. He strictly avoids processed sugars and fried foods – no cookies or doughnuts. He even tries to steer clear of too much fruit because it contains a lot of sugar. He believes this approach – which nutritionists call a slow-carb diet – has reshaped him, lowering his body fat and building lean muscle. It also makes him look forward to running a race, because he can eat whatever he wants."


* speedread article:

Stieglitz.. US THESE DAYS

1905 to 1917 Alfred Stieglitz

ran a gallery on 5th Ave called "the 291"

where he invited avante guard European artists to show -

where's that spot these days?

where artists and writers link up, exchange ideas, collaborate, on and on..

well, there are galleries over in Chelsea - have you been over there though..

how about one in L. East Side or E. Village

is it time or what

think of the potential

a hub


Johns.. and supplements

from recent New Yorker article, about artist Jasper Johns:

context: the interviwer is w/ Johns at his house and studio up in Western Conn:

"Johns's chef had prepared lunch, which was precisely laid out on a side table, on antique Japanese plates - seafood salad, corn salad, asparagus, wild rice, fresh bread ans sauteed morels, gathered that morning from a spot that Johns pointed out to me, under an oak tree, where they appear at this time every year." yyyyyyyyyyeah eh. . .

from a magazine called NEWLIFE which I picked up in a williamsburg healthfood store:
context: the article, called 'Vitamin Aturation Theropy' talks about really juicing up on vitamins - cites a few heavy hitters and how they'd stock up on vitamin supplements daily:

"Arnold Swartznegger took 400 supplements a day when he won the Mr. Olympia contest. Anti-aging 87 year old poster boy Bob Delmontique takes 450 supplements a day. Dr. Bernard Jenson overcame cancer three times taking 500 supplements a day and Jack La Lane at 94 took 600 supplements a day." yyyyyyoooooowww!!!! bring on the supplements!
time to go beyond my Whole Foods Multi yyyyyeeeaah!

The chief business of the American people is...

"The chief business of the American people is business."

Calvin Coolidge (1872 - 1933), Speech in Washington, Jan. 17, 1925

recently, swaying on subway, looking up, at poster:
" America runs on Dunkin' " . . .

business, business.. America go! go! go!


people "getting paid". . . heh-heh. . .

"doing stuff" to "get paid"

"get degrees".. "get paid"..

"getting paid" to like, 'pay rent' and.. 'get food' and stuff..

then there's like 'insurance' and.. 'mortgage'..

so like.. gotta.. work more - keep like, 'getting paid' and stuff..

'get paycheck' from boss..

buy groceries.. -

clip coupons though - so that you get deals - and save money..

eat stuff that's like not really good for your health - like, cheap stuff - say, cereal for dinner - I used to do that in college - to save money - have like.. bread..

now though it's like.. dude, to 'save a few bucks' you're like, putting cheap stuff into body to 'save some dough' - but it's like, detrimental to your health - so like it's like you like harm your physical body to save like.. paper bills.. aaah the current system we allow..

these days I buy health food - because like, while I believe we have souls and spirits and all, physical bodies like go a long way in helping us to like do stuff and stuff..

what do you think - how do you feel - about the current system

scenes inside

Memory -
I've written it off at times - attempting to focus soley on present and future -
however - the scenes that go on in head - they're so contingent on memory y'know -
say I zing a sentence at you - say.. 'the train rode across the elevated bridge.' -
that imagery that just played out in head (is it 'head'? or 'soul'? or..?) was all memory imagery eh... - well, try thinking something up that was never put in.. didn't think so.. too slippery - can't make something if ya ain't got nothing to make it with..
though, hmm, how about the person way back when, who first had a pair of eye glasses pop into head - he/she'd never seen the things before - then there's the idea in head - and later manifests into realitly realms.. - or that person who first thought up having an eraser on the tip of a pencil - hadn't seen it before - appears in head - gets created.. - though one could say that the materials involved were in existence - and so that first thinker of the idea was calling on memory - linking two things they'd seen, stored in memory.. well how about Gumby? - that first thought - well, it's based on a man - a green man - so sprung from memory.. - how about aliens (speaking of green men)?
at any rate we draw very much so from memory bank.. -
could it be then that some have more stuff to draw from than others -
of course -
could it be that it's in our power to expand the stuff in bank. . .
one would think..
well there's the dumping in of the movies, paintings, plays, sculptures, shows, songs, on and on.. - then there's reading - which calls on you craft scenes inside..
and which books create the most amounts of scenes - (and how interesting and exciting the scenes are: Vital).. get, read '7 Cities' book. . .
Writing new book entitled "it is what it is" these days - goal: winter release!
return from commercial : )
one might say with age the memory bank grows -
indeed. - however health factors in - take some guy who's really cared for himself and ate right - 90 years old and sharp as a tac - mind clear as a bell.. - whereas take some dude who neglected health - more likely he's like foggy headed numb nut compared to some chipper 15 yr old kid - who snaps lightning quick answers.. then there's the genes thing - won't go there but it's pretty huge - this one weak - this one hardy, sturdy.. - so many factors tie in, as you already knew all along.. Clarity factor is pretty much what I'm talking about, increasing in our lives for better experiences - the sharper the senses the better the taste, feel, on and on.. hence, doing everything in powers to sharpen senses..
'll wrap up on this note - (tying in again to imagery) - say you're in Paris - and you're thinking about that one you really like - that's a picture of her in you're head - floating around over in Europe - - - - could write a letter and describe how a picture of her is moving around in Paris - - - inside a person - how deep is that!!!
but is it really a picture - it's invisible - our thoughts are *invisible* - and yet we go by them y'know - - - how amazing is that!!!!!!
ahem.. let's brunch Saturday

Ross.. Webster..

between books these days, I'm reading one about Harold Ross - founder of The New Yorker magazine..
written by his wife Jane Grant..

a few excerpts - - - - from chapter where she lays out a biography..

* note, his hair grew straight upwards - as can see here:

* context - his Dad (a miner in Colorado) decided to move (with wife and young child) to Salt Lake City Utah to find work.

"En Route to Salt Lake the stagecoach ran into a snowstorm, slid off a mountain road, killing one and injuring most of the other passengers. Little Harold was battered. In later years, Ross attributed scars on his face to that accident. He maintained, too, that his hair started standing on end from that moment." . . . .

in school his teachers "tried to interest him in algebra, geometry, physics or languages, but without success. Yet, he read avidly and indiscriminately - historical and romantic novels, biographies, books on travel and adventure thrillers, and by the time he was sixteen Ross had a self-taught education in philosophy."

also ".. he took a boyish interest in mechanics. He tinkered at carpentry and with electrical equipment, and built a sort of Rube Goldberg contraption in his room which amazed his fond mother. With it he could open and close his window without getting out of bed, could do tricks with lights and cause furniture to rise or fall at the touch of a spring."

from Ross, The New Yorker and Me by Jane Grant

now maybe bear a new perspective in head next time pick up a New Yorker mag -
* great article in this week's on Noah Webster - who had a "custom-made desk, built in the form of a hollow circle, on which he placed dictionaries of some twenty languages. Standing in the opening at the center of the table, Webster spent his days turning around in the circle, following the roots of words from one language to the next, his heart racing at the pursuit. (He liked to take his pulse: when he made a discovery, it rose from 60 to 80 or 85 beats in a minute.)" . . . .

while in his study one day "Webster found Jesus: 'A sudden impulse upon my mind arrested me, and subdued my will. I instantly fell on my knees and confessed my sins to God, implored his pardon, and made my vows to him that from that time I would live in entire obedience to his commands.'"

"Webster's dictionary was a Christian catechism. It isn't only the just-so, evangelical etymologies. Webster's faith shines through on nearly every page, even under the most unlikely bushels:

Instrument, n. 2.. The instrument of a vastly extensive reformation in morals and religion.

Meritorious, a. . . . We rely for salvation on the meritorious obedience and sufferings of Christ.

Love, n. 1. The love of God is the first duty of man. . . v.t. . . . The Christian loves his Bible."
from The New Yorker November 6, 2006


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