Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Food and Your Mood'

yes catchy title of booklet written by Jack Challem

the booklet came from a lively Natural Foods conference this past wknd in NYC

Here is an overview of its contents

'you can control what you eat, and you can reap the myriad health and mood benefits of optimal nutrition'

'scientific research shows that what we eat, or neglect to eat, can also affect how we behave.'

'nutrients provide the building blocks of our brain's biochemistry, and these nutrients influence the production and activity of

our neurotransmitters."

'physician Michael Gershon, MD, has called the gut our "second brain," because of how its extensive network of nerve cells interact with the brain and central nervous system.'

pretty basic, sensible.. -- then book dips into 'the stress-sleep connection'

this is pretty relevant -- seems a number of people you see in big cities are bumbling about rather zonkt

'studies have found that sleep-deprived people have the slower reaction times of someone who is drunk'

many people try to compensate by guzzling coffee -- which can spike mood then dip -- the crash..

(elevated cortisol levels = no bueno)

rollercoaster blood suger levels can breed Jekll-and-Hyde mood swings

glucose levels are all over the place - the person gets bit by the drowsy bug and feels like napping on his/her desk

'improvements in eating habits and the prudent use of nutritional supplements to enhance certain aspects of brain chemistry' help in warding off toxic stress

'a diet reletively high in quality protien and low in starchy and sugary foods can usually improve blood glucose levels.

breakfast stands as most important meal of day

here's a great bfast: eggs (protien) steel-cut oats, and fresh berries - throw in nuts if like

if you do wax sad -- start pumping in B-Complex vitamins

can often reduce depression; chase the clouds away = )

St. John's Wart too (Yogi makes a tea) and omega-3 fish oil (capsules)

Vitamin D -- take it in though eyeballs -- go out on a brisk walk -- and take vitamin D pills

resist the urge to multi-task -- if you really feel like you are going bonkers at work -- like start feeling shortness of breath -- give yourself 'time outs' -- 'take three or four very deep breaths.. remove yourself from stimuli, place your hands on a heavy desk or wall, close your eyes, and visualize a calmer setting.'

man, what kind of world do we live in.. -- I do recall hearing a girl who was working on Wall Street say that after working outrageous ammounts of hours she'd curl up on a mat under desk, snooze for a bit, rise, and get back to the job

awful -- terrible for the body and brain -- not to mention soul

'people actually get more work done by completing one task at a time'

'practice being mindful'

"nutrasocial" factors: upbringing, education, advertising, peer presure, and stress

'nutritional habits that are good for the heart are also good for the head.'

'think in terms of nutrient density'

maximise your meals -- go for salmon and veggies over a big plate of sappy pasta

'Opt for fresh food'

Indians have a word 'prana' which refers to 'life' in food

try to eat food fresh-plucked --- radiating with life

if it sits around nutrients tend to 'leave the building'

'focus on quality protiens'

they stabilize blood sugar levels

the key chemical building blocks of nuerotransmitters

fish, poultry, lean meats, eggs, legumes, nuts

try to include quality protiens in each of your three daily meals

'include high-fiber vegetables and fruits'

Ample quantities

greens salad -- olive oil and vinegar dressings

berries (blue, black, rasp) and kiwifruit

'saute and steam veggies'

don't overcook (kills off nutrients)

watch out for starches

don't hog out on fries and other such 'low-density' foods (includes pizza)

esp if you'r kinda chubby already -- that bread will turn right to fat and bulge

'limit caffeine intake'

i really like coffee -- moving forward i'm limiting it to a cup a day -- and only rrreeally good stuff

* no white sugar or those weird sweeteners (obvs) -- touch of wild honey is yum -- and organic milk

limit intake of sweets and booze

if you are 'getting drunk' you are destroying countless brain cells and are a dummy

Avoid "trans fats" found in hydrogenated oils

don't eat gross processed food with oil in it e.g. cheap processed peanut butter

Ok, this note deals primarily with eating

in the next one I'll focus on supplements

bis dan, fine-tune those neurotransmitters friends = )