Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food and Nutrition (part 3)

* much in this note is from my friend Eric Leiser, who spoke for about ten minutes during our arts group, LOOK, which meets on Wednesday nights in the lower east side of Manhattan
it's written in a note-jot style

some of it might come off sounding 'new-agey' ---- but that's not the angle we're going for
(while new-age subscribers tend to get pretty far out and mystically -- some of what they do is on-point and healthy ---- so, go ahead and glean and utilize what's good)

you have to use your spiritual discernment in order to weed through it
pray to get through life

for instance, 'breatharianism' -- very new-agey --- people trying to survive on their breath alone -- can lead to starvation

in small chunks though -- ie a fast from food and a heightened focus on taking in sun energy (vitamin D, an incredible array of things) can be beneficial to health and well-being

meditating in the sun

we can be happier in the heart of sunny summer than in the dead of winter

the first topic: Blood regenerating
cleansing your blood, very important
the main function of blood is to supply vital nutrients like oxygen and glucose to your cells, tissues and organs
when we eat junkfood, too much meat or dairy, or take drugs or absorb synthetic chemicals it all creates blockages in our blood ----- so we have to clean our blood -- the best way to do that is to eat foods that help bring more oxygen into the body -- there are drops you can take, there are oxygen bars
going out in a park and hiking all day will help to clean your blood
circulate your blood, stretch

soon it will be fall and winter -- that is when it is important to bolster your immune system
take rishi mushroom -- easiest and most potent in pill form
astralogis -- good for your lungs
put good bacteria into your body
pro biotics (e.g. kombucha)
organic iodine and sea plankton stimulates the thyroid gland and balances your metabolism
seaweed is really healthy - chuck it on your salad or in soup
shen tonic -- a mixture of herbs for healthy results -- the Chinese are pros from ages of experience

Ginseng -- helps physical strength, endurance
if it's late at night and you need to stay up to drive or something
instead of reaching for a generic energy drink at a gas station, which is full of led and toxins
take some ginseng

the best way of inhaling pure oxygen -- which can cause a high -- is Tibetan Rhodiola
it's a super herb
about $40
it's like taking concentrated oxygen
Pantocrin -- extracted from deer antlers -- a rejuvenating agent -- rebuilds tissues
"The complex chemical agent found in Deer Antler is similar to that found in the tail bases of many lizards, such as the gecko and in the legs of starfish where these appendages re-grow bone, nerves, blood vessels, tissue, flesh and all!"

majestic mushrooms (note: not magic) -- fortifies the immune system -- kills tumors -- anti-viral

also, ingest plenty of greens
get a good green blend
smoothies form high-power juicers are great and easily absorb into your bloodstream

it's good to get blood testing and determine what kind of blood you have and then take the mushrooms that are best for your blood type

interesting: O type blood can give to anyone -- yet can only receive O

Einstein and Tesla both had dealings with zero-point ----- so this isn't new age chicanery
( i suppose if it got in the wrong hands it could be -- do the research for yourself and draw your own conclusions)

there's a guy who has a raw food co-op in Atlanta and he sells like goji-berries and raw walnuts and stuff to companies -- Eric got a job helping this guy make sales

the next branch of raw foods that's really catching on it 'energetic medicines'

we then had a demonstration of a bio-luminescent wand, which he brought to the talk
it's about 15 thousand dollars for a wand

chiropractors and doctors use them -- supposedly they aid healing
massage therapists use them
studied for about 200 years

zero-point energy helps your bio-energetic field source life-force energy and helps release congestion of the flow of energy around your body in order to make it more harmonious and bio-energetic

everrything has an energy field
plants do
we do

when you have a disease -- when you have blockages in your body
your brain can't tell what to do at times -- and/or has to kick into overdrive to compensate for a malfunctioning system

once you have a blockage in the body -- everything starts to build up and break down -- this is how disease happens

what the wands help to do is to create homeostasus -- which is harmony within the body

babies born without birth defects generally all have homeostasus
a healthy working system, they're brand new, all their organs are new, they're right from heaven

Supposedly the wand taps energy from the ionosphere and creates a zero-point energy field

proven by the cashmere effect that if you put two metal plates near to each other in a vacuum they will create energy

in a complete vacuum this will create energy
and energy will never end -- it's called complete energy
this is coming from the principles of quantum physics and quantum mechanics

there is a healing frequency
what the laser does is it channels the frequency into a beam
and what you do is put a right spin on an area of pain --
always clockwise, because our whole system is based off the Fibonacci sequence
which is like a spiral -- a nautilus -- our body uses a right spin -- our whole body is a spiral
the Universe is a spiral (and galaxies -- think of the Milky Way) God created it all that way

when we are diseased our body and our blood spin counter-clockwise
that's why our bodies need medicine -- in order to correct

it's not all 'mind over matter'
it's channeling energy, saying 'body, i need you to focus and bring energy right here'
it helps your body to bring the healing -- it's your body that does the healing by God's grace

some time new-agers might try to just to rely on 'qi' and try to zap 'qi' into another person, for instance, reiki

you have to be careful -- use discernment

use prayer

pray for healing

good energy

do the best you can -- if you really get ill, though, definitely don't hesitate to go to the hospital

When using a laser wand Don't shine it in your eye as you could incur permanent eye damage

hold it about an inch from your body and turn it clockwise for thirty seconds or more

when Tesla died, the government raided his place, took his papers and things
but he was smart enough to divvy out the basic tenants of his design and theories to Britain, France, England, Russia, and America -- the powerhouses at the time -- so that they could all have complete knowledge if they were to work together
it doesn't seem like they have worked together all that much
but maybe they have -
governments created crafts
the most well known being stealth fighter planes
and there are stealth copters now

they run off of free energy

they are unlimited energy machines
our dependency on fossil fuels and electricity is 'abominable'
because we've known about this for so long
we could have a completely green and clean world
but because of these interests (the 'powers that be' -- pulling in money from the masses) being so strong -- it's going to take a while (even with this classified information getting into the hands of consumers) to overthrow such big companies
you can go on youtube and learn how to make a free-energy machine for like $60 and run your whole house

our electricity is running DC in America
AC (alternating current) is Tesla's invention -- it doesn't have so many blackouts, is safer
DC (direct current) is Edison's
businessman Edison stamped out Tesla and America went down the DC road till even today

Edison was frustrated that he was on the losing end of things
he was such a megalomaniac that he just doused Tesla
because Tesla was a lover not a fighter -- even though he was kinda wacked out with the death ray

you can separate from Con Edison if you build a strong enough free-energy machine
* reminds of that documentary 'who killed the electric car' -- what with gasoline companies pulling in so much $$

we're in the information age
information is power
the elites usually have access to information the general pop doesn't have
are they withholding information for their advantage -- and a way to control the masses

there was a strength test to cap off the talk
Josh was told to hold out an arm and resist Eric from pushing it down
he pushed it down
then, Josh clased a pendant necklace -- made of EMF resistant material
Eric pushed down Josh's arm -- struggled to lower it -- claiming it was harder to move the arm

Friday, July 8, 2011

Food and Your Mood (part 2)

if you've seen the eye-opening documentary Food INC.

(movie shines light on how big companies have been ravaging the earth to make as much monetary profit as possible -
to the point they're pumping chemicals into the ground and into the food people eat)

in the movie they refer to tomatoes you find in massive supermarkets as 'nominal tomatoes'
so little nutrients in them, not to mention pretty devoid of flavor --
compare to a ripe luscious red juicy orb you'd pick from some well-tended family farm's garden -- nutrient-dense and bursting with flavor

vast fields of plants subjected to commodification -- veggies yanked before they're even ripened -- covered in pesticides and who-knows-what's inside
onto the truck they're packt -- then in many cases flown over seas (all that fuel burned -- all that exhaust blown into the air) ---- to onto shelves or bins in some giant 'supermarket'

'nominal tomatoes'

that all to say: be sure you are getting your food from organic and natural food stores e.g. Whole Foods, Westerly, Lifethyme, Earthmatters, list goes on..

when possible steer clear of 'nominal' fruits and veggies sold at supermarkets or cheap delis;
big businesses that tend to focus more on the bottom line than on the treatment of the earth

think about how intimate food is -- it goes into your mouth -- and think about how integral it is to who you are, I mean, what you eat enters your blood and makes up parts of your body in time -- what the body totally regenerating every seven years and all -- you're another body -- food turns into you in a sense -- your eyeballs, skin, fingernails, hair, teeth, you name it

therefore be aware of what goes in --
do your homework, know what what will result from your actions -- be wise my friend

Ok, time to shift to
Neurotransmitters ------ brain regulators

Our Key Stimulatory Neurotransmitters include:
Dopamine: turns on the brain -- the body makes dopamine from L-tyrosine -- several vitamins and minerals are needed for the conversion
Noradrenaline: contributes to upbeat moods, alertness, motivation
Adrenaline: 'fight or flight' -- epinephrine instantly sharpens the mind
Phenylethylamine: promotes feelings of love and bliss

Key Calming Neurotransmitters:
Serotonin: hepls maintain restful sleep
Gamma-aminobutyric acid [GABA]: helps with calmness and mental focus, filters out distractions
Melatonin: helps make us sleepy

Vitamins : )

B-Vitamin Complex: an
excellent first choice for those who would like to "brighten" their moods
suggestion: take a high-potency B-complex supplement, which contains 50-100mg of B1, B2 and B3

* be sure to buy any vites from legit health food stores like ones listed above rather than off the shelf of franchises such as RITE AID or CVS

B1 [thiamin]: A study at the University of Whales found that students who took 50mg of B1 daily for 2 months felt more composed, clearheaded, and energetic. "Their reaction times sped up as well". suggestion: 50 -100 mg daily

B2 [riboflavin]: combats migraines -- if you know someone who suffers tell him/her to stock up

B3: helps with serotonin production

Vitamin B6: "the single most important B vitamin in terms of mood"
*if taken too late in day however it "can increase dream intensity"
suggestion: 50 -100 mg daily

B12: deficiencies of vitamin B12 can sometimes cause "brain fog"
suggestion: 100 - 1,000 mcg daily ---- * the sublingual form will bypass digestion time-frame

Folic Acid: works with B vites to make neurotransmitters
sug: 400 - 800 mcg daily

Choline: also works with B vites
sug: 200-500mg daily

Vitamin C: a great vitamin -- load up 1,000 - 5,000 mg daily
protects brain cells against toxicity

D3: builds strong bones, maintains muscles, reduces risk of skin cancer
Also, has "impressive anti-depressive benefits" -- good for chasing away wintertime blues
sug: 2,000 to 5,000 IU daily

Chromium: helps regulate insulin function and blood glucose

Magnesium: influences heart rate and muscle tone.. can reduce muscle tension

Health-Promoting Fats

Omega-3 fish oils: Yeyaa I just got a bottle of 100% Norwegian capsules -- good stuff =)
Found in coldwater fish (e.g. salmon). "They are incorporated into the walls of brain cells, where they increase the activity of genes involved in neurotransmitter activity and connections between brain cells."

Phosphatidylserine: enhances communication between brain cells.. reduces the release of cortisol.. can improve memory, mood, and reduce "neurotic" behavior

Amino Acids:
5-HTP -- promotes restful sleep
L-Tyrosine: may help people who lack drive
N-acetylcycteine: immune enhancer

Herbal Remedies:

Gingko: improves thinking speed and memory, can increase blood circulation, leading to better oxygenation and delivery of nutrients to brain cells.. boosts activity in genes involved with speech, logic, and emotional responses. "In a British study, students taking gingko supplements had improvements in memory and faster thinking processes."
sug: 90 to 200 mg daily

Ginseng: considered an 'adaptogen' because it helps people to adapt to stress. aids memory

Rhodiola: sometimes described as "Russian ginseng" is a potent stress-buffering plant.
enhances both mental and physical performance. promotes repair of injured brain cells.

St. John's Wort: what a name huh.. an anti-depressant

Other Important Nutritional Compounds:

Probiotics: "good" bacteria that inhabit our digestive tract. aid food digestion, make small amounts of vitamins, help immunity.. the human gut contains 10 times the number of bacteria as cells in the entire body. research has it's origin with the idea that the gut functions as a "second brain"? --- I recommend drinking Kombucha -- contains billions of micro-organisms =)

Resveratrol: plays a key role in longevity in many species, including people

Neurotransmitters help with mod problems such as:
Anxiety, nervousness, tension
Bipolar Disorder
Fuzzy Thinking
Impulsiveness and Distractibility
Irritability, Anger, Aggressiveness
Memory Problems
Mood Swings
Sleep problems

Driving this home

Omega fish oil pills
Ginko Biloba pills
good strong green tea
fresh fruits and veggies
a juicer
raw cashews (mood enhancers)
raw walnuts
Chia seeds
Maca -- sprinkle on cereal
raw Cacao
Goji Berries :d
boil your water to clean it -- then let it cool in fridge (refrain from drinking bottled water -- watch the documentary 'Tapped')
research B17 -- found in the seeds of apricots
'earthing': walking in grass without shoes -- beach too -- touch trees and rocks
travel into nature time to time and breath fresh air
breathing exercises -- through nose to expanding belly
meditate and pray for God to bless your health

could go on and on -- what suggestions and advice can you think of

Healthy eating friends!
Imagine you and your friends eating fresh, nutrient-rich foods and ridding 'brain fog' and experiencing a surging energy and sharp thinking

why is it that so many people are scraping with their fingernails to pay bills and have to skip meals or buy 'nominal' foods to stick in mouth to make hunger go away

time to put nutritious foods into the hands of people
imagine a group of optimally functioning human beings

the way we live as humans has to change

be a part of making the community you live in
cognizant of what they are eating and drinking

2011, The Year of Clarification