Wednesday, October 20, 2010

automaton voices

on the M train

(been a while since rode train ---- bike being pref mode of transportation -- above ground! fresh air!)

an automaton voice - something out of a Sci-Fi movie - told me -- us -- to (paraphrased [but close])

"Ladies and Gentleman, when you see a handicapped, elderly or pregnant person, please offer them your seat;

you'll be standing up for what's right. Courtesy is contagious - and it starts with you."


~did a.. robot voice.. just. say that to me..~ -

another message (paraphrased [close])

"Protect yourself.."

?? -

"If you see a suspicious-looking package don't keep it to yourself.. Tell a police officer..

Remain alert, and have a safe day.."


~did a.. robot voice just.. say that to me..~

look around at people.. no one seems to think anything is weird..

arrive at stop in Long Island City

ascend grimy stairs

there's.. a.. guy in a bright blue gorilla costume waving a yellow flag..

sign around neck advertising Mr Bubble carwash..

walking closer, hear a buzzing noise -- the buzzes of an electric motor --

and it occurs -- it's a robot in the costume..

one less employee to pay huh..

computers took over countless factory jobs..

and took its toll on toll-takers (E-Z Pass; glide on through)

set me to thinking.. ~are there any jobs a robot just won't ever replace~...

a plumber

over this past wknd my Mom was in town from Philly and told of how she found a mouse doggie-paddling in the toilet

what having climbed in the pipes -- holding breath a minute or so - swimming to the toilet bowl -- where it could climb out and perhaps go nibble on cookie crumbs ------- but, in this case, got caught -- and put out in the back lawn (that mouse has stories to tell to his buds [if he ever sees them again])

the drain in my apt used to drain so slow.. water would collect to overflowing in sink while trying to shave

i emptied a whole bottle of Draino into the sink.. no dice..

my bro took the plunger to it -- multiple rounds -- the description of the gobs and stuff that were plunged forth, yyow..

now it drains quickly

water is so elusive

if there is the smallest crack -- it will find its way out

i recall watching a documentary in which Bruce Lee instructed the viewers to "be like water"

in other wards - flexible - and 'fluid' -- 'finding the way'

my hat's off to plumbers - controlling water -- no easy task!

they are paid a lot

they earn their pay

mark my words -- you'll never pay a robot to fix your sink!